This was the initial set up, and once the pipes were in position a number of problems came to light, initially we couldn’t get much flow down the pipe as the initial run of the pipes does not drop through much head. i was also unsure if the intake cylinder would allow the 10.4L/s to pass through ok, as coanda type screens are meant for a flow to pass over them. So once i ruled out these factors and we had walked the length of the pipe adding debris and logs etc under any dipping part. We also sledged through a few rocks and created ‘stilts’ over one bit. So it could only be air blocked in pipe. After some debate and looking for a sleak valve in drain centre the best anwser seems to be just loosing the jubilee clips at the flexiseal join and purging the air out. As this happened you could see the pressure rising at the valve. However, once it reached about 1 bar the pipe end blew off! and the turbine hut was getting totally flooded. I had to run to the top and pull the pipes out… getting soaked in the process, but grinning ear to ear that it worked!

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