Success Finally!

After Replacing the faulty SMA sunnyboy 1200 i was absolutely delighted to see the turbines are pumping out 550W each and 1050W total a good 37% more than i was expecting! In 5 hours generated 5.6kwh…

3 thoughts on “Success Finally!

  1. Great news ! and a relief both to you and to me. I had ordered a GE 400 for my own scheme just this morning trusting that the package of PS and SB does indeed work as claimed. Good too that you’re getting in excess of what you expected.
    in Wales

    • good stuff, you’l need to post pictures and progress of your own project. Yeh the sunnyboy is very easy to install when its not faulty!

      • Ewan -this is just a q for you and not really for posting on the blog: does your inclusion of an Ampy meter mean you will be claiming FITs on your installation even though the PS does not have MCS product accreditation ? Are the rules different in Scotland ?

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