Back online!

Very glad to say the project is back on track with a few key lessons learned and thankfully no damage. Though initially when i turned it on there was a concerning ground fault in the sunnyboy, which turned out to be moisture in the plugs. The replaced pipe seems very solid and the bend radius is now within the tolerance (206mm), the pipe is rated at 10bar and has steel wire meshed into it, it is also for oil so i doubt there will be any issue with it. I’ve got one turbine running as normal, but have yet to get the other one back up to pressure, as it is air locked out…

1 thought on “Back online!

  1. Ewan Can you educate me about FITs payments. For my own scheme here in Wales, my Powerspout supplier (Rudge Renewables in Devon) have said the Powerspout is NOT eligible for FITs. But you are clearly expecting FITs with yours. Are things different in Scotland ? Have you had to twist arms ? Having installed everything yourself, how did you get it signed off as accredited for FITs ? It has been a great help following your blog. One thing I am paying attention to right now, in light of your experience, is laying the penstock on a continuous gradient to make de-airing easier, – not to mention also sound and manifold pipe issues! Any steer you can give me would be gratefully received. Bill

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