air bleeding

having some difficulty with a build up of air in the pipes which leads to them being locked out after about 2 days and they need reset, by turning off, waiting an hour then bleeding air out for like 3 hours. Been looking into check valves or air bleed valves, but can’t find any that would work at low pressure and only allow air not water to bleed. Also been drilling 3 small holes then sealing with self tapping screws and ptfe tape to find the best location. It seems you need a least  a few metres of head to allow a sufficient jet of water to come out the hole you have drilled, otherwise once the turbines are running it has an negative effect by sucking air in and equalising out the system, thus locking the pipes out much quicker.

I am looking at these at the minute to trial, but open to any suggestions or links found online of solutions, please!?

2 thoughts on “air bleeding

  1. Hi, I’ve been reading your blog with interest (we’re installing some powerspouts in Yorkshire) – the systems aren’t up and running yet so we haven’t come across this problem so far – however I have been looking into it as a couple of the sites have relatively shallow gradients at points and will probably need an air release valve of some sort. Some further info from other blogs on what worked for them:,2 – and here is the site owners (brief) guide to the air release valve:

    Cheers – let us know how you get on.

    • Hi Pete, Thanks for those links, looks interesting. At the moment i have on order two plasson saddles and intend on fitting a air vent valve like this one:

      have tested in, and it works even at low pressure.

      Still having a lot of problems with the intake sluice and air intake into pipes, the main error is that the pipes are only about 0.5m below the water level and it is difficult to increase them further as the initial gradient of pipe is pretty gradual. The extremely cold water and freezing at night has not helped as the levels seem to dry up for periods during the night.

      Sure i’ll get there, but sorting this issue as taken many hours of faff!

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