Very dry… but working now for 3 weeks straight!

There has been an unbelieveable lack of rain for the last 3 weeks, but nevertheless we have had 1 jet (285W) running for 20 days with no reduction in power. One of the main solutions to our air bleed was that the air bleed valves reverse and suck air in when air is allowed to build up (e.g. if you are running two jets when there is only water for one and thus the head of water above intake is less than the requiref min about 0.4m). This is very annoying as overnight the system can lose all pressure. However, a simple one way aquarium pump valve (£2 off ebay) and a small piece of 8mm plastic pipe fitted to top of honeywell air vents seems to solve the problem. The re structure of the dam also helped a great deal, as we increased the head of water above pipe intake nicely



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