Update Feb 2014

Project going strong, with one main fundamental improvement, have removed coanda type intake cylinders which seemed to be aerating the water and causing shutdown after a few days. Since this improvement and fine tuning of pipe levels the turbine have produced steadily for months, output overall is now 3000+ units (since Oct 2012) but the improvement was only made approx oct 2013.

Other improvements were to insulate the air vents and increase the pool height.

2 thoughts on “Update Feb 2014

    • yeh, going strong. Was at full load prodcution from january to nearly MAY before reduction in flows over summer. Noise and proximity to house been an issue, but have somewhat dampened through a number of measures. Since removing fine coanda sieve on intake, it has run well and the air bleed valves have not been that neccessary. They do work, but the aqua valve at the top required (due to low pressure, as designed for >1bar) is cheap and can not survive winter, so best to just cap off.

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