powerspout tripping, advice anyone?

Hi all,

A recent problem has developed that i cant quite get to the bottom of. One of the turbines will not hold its power output. The water pressure remains good and there is no obstruction etc at the jets, so i feel it must be electrical. After 20mins of being on the turbine just stops generating and must be tripping to heater. There is no fault shown on sunnyboy and the other turbine is operating as normal. An inspection revealed damp conditions which i dried up and also some excess grease turned to hard resin on the copper coils, but cleaning up has failed to resolve.

Any advice, thoughts welcomed on this, many thanks

2 thoughts on “powerspout tripping, advice anyone?

  1. Ewan, – presumably you are concluding this one turbine stops generating after 20 mins because the Sunny Boy watts-output-to-grid display (Pac) suddenly drops ?, – and that turning this turbine off and leaving the other running, keeps the Pac reading the same ?
    If so, check ALL the dc output connections from the suspect turbine: wire connections to rectifier terminals within the turbine shell; wire connections in the two halves of the blue cable plug; cable connection to inverter input.
    The 20 min delay might be explained by a connection being poor, getting hot and then failing to conduct. If so, look for signs of heat.

  2. Hi bill, thanks for reply. Following your recommendation, i did a full inspection of all the connections and could not find anything that looked dodgey. I cleaned them all the same and rewired. Then to my surprise the turbine ran overnight no problem and when i went to put back the red cover on the turbine this morning i was annoyed to find 5mins later it had tripped. Not sure if this is a coincidence, but gut tells me cleaning it out and drying it out allowed prolonged runnning period. I think it may be that the moisture levels are too high within unit (ironically due to trying to seal every nook and cranny for noise insulation. The drips of water could lead to shorting. When you inspect yours? after running, is the electrical side wet at all? Regards Ewan

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