Solar Thermal

Update, as of 8th JAN, after scottish snow the reflectors between pipes have bent downwards and one has actually fallen off the roof. Navitron say that they are not that necessary and some installers dont bother with them. I feel this is just an excuse for poor design and am looking into installing a foil sheet underneath the whole thing that would lie on roof or attach to framework.



The solar thermal is ticking over nicely now, with such a large 300L tank it struggles in winter at the moment to raise the tank more than 15′C in a day, (sun hits it from 11am-4pm) however this is still a good amount of energy as the 3kW immersion heater takes 6 hours to do this job.

Our navitron 30 tube solar thermal Panel now installed, pics and details of performance to follow. Is linked to a 300L high efficiency hot water tank…

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