Paul Camilli on rothesay was a great wealth of knowledge for the project, having completed several successful projects of his own on his Self sustained island. His blog is frequently updated and seen here

Hugh Piggott of Scoraig wind electric was again a huge source of knowledge and is a pioneer of many projects including the DIY wind turbine manual. His website is very active and includes live feed values of the current energy being generated

Powerspout are the makers of the turbine i used, but are a web based company and have a lot of very useful information online, with a calculator to see how much you could generate.

2 thoughts on “Links

  1. Very interesting read. You have had a lot of fun! Thanks for sharing it all. I am a 63 Year old builder designing a new build for myself in the highlands and with a limited budget may well be glad to learn from your mistakes and successes. John B.

    • hi John, yeh has been an interesting project and still getting it right now. Air locks in the pipe and intake sluice design have proved critical. If your property has a burn (>20l/s) with decent head (over 15m) you should be onto a winner! 🙂

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