Problems!!! solved now…


This was the most recent disaster and probably the 4th or 5th time i have now taken the pipes out, re pressurized the system and bled air out. To then see a problem develop under the pressure. The pipe ends had to be spot on and heavily bolted. The inital screws i used and right angle brackets actually sheared the screw heads off. I also realised that the pipe itself was moving back slightly so had to clamp it to the shed with metal bracket. The set up now has lasted for a week with no signs of weakness. So fingers crossed. The above picture was after i resealed all the joints by wrapping 15 turns pfte tape CCW and using a heavy duty pipe wrench. However, i think i over tightened the orange pipe as it is a very tight fit to get on and with the built up twist in the pipe as the system was pressurized it blew on me overnight! this was quite a surprise as the pipe is rated 6-16 bar at ambient temp.

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