Burst burst burst!

Another leak on same turbine as burst before, the orange pipe as shown must be defective, as i cant see why it should fail!, the bend radius was more than the min of 20cm and the pressure is well below the rated 4 bar, also the temperature inside hut doesn’t get lower than say 15C and the water temp at worst has been 8C, Its a real nuisance and doesn’t give me much faith to leave the system running overnight etc, so i think a new solution of heavier duty pipe will need to be sought.  Im also praying that no damage was done to the turbine that was on while the pump room was flooded to 10cm depth, i wont know until all is fixed and re-pressurised which looks to be at least a week off. Which is also a week down in our energy production! Not good news, but another steep learning curve!

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